An average built young man of about twenty eight years with his lovely wife and cute one year old baby tip toed in to my consulting room. As always the young lady was smiling and the baby too. I asked them to be seated. It went fine till then. Then there was hushed up silence. A few minutes went by. He took out a piece of paper from his shirt pocket and placed it on my table. It was a lab report. Neatly printed test values and normal values. While I was gazing through the report sheet something happened. When I looked up the two faces found a little gloomy.

Without me a telling anything he shot a question at me. Doctor, do I have to take tablets lifelong. What tablets? I asked. Yes Doctor I know I have Diabetes. I tested for blood sugar since I am having excess thirst and passes urine very frequently; I lost four-five kilos. Lab people told me that I have Diabetes. The dialogues went on. I spent some time with them and finally gave prescriptions for diet, exercise and medicines.

This is the latest scenario. More young people are becoming diabetic. Even school going children have the so called adult type of diabetes. Adding fuel to fire Pregnancy diabetes is increasing alarmingly. The imbroglio diabetes begets diabetes has come to vogue. There are more undiagnosed Diabetics than diagnosed. Diabetics live longer and have more diabetes related complications. Diabetes has become a house hold disease and a house hold name. You just touch a person, he also is a diabetic. That is the prevalence. The prevalence is worldwide and alarming. India was heading towards becoming the diabetic capital of the world. However China took over and they lead. Diabetes is the health tsunami of this century. It is a global epidemic that affects 387 million people that forms 8.3% of the world population. In India the Diabetic population is approximately 65 million. By the year 2035 it is estimated to cross 109 million. Despite being rural or urban the number is swelling. People live longer and diabetes related complications also increase. It is a huge economic burden and human suffering. That is why the theme of world Diabetes day 2016 suggested having an eye on diabetes. Better understanding of Diabetes by the Diabetics is essential. And self-help is the best help but not definitely self-treatment.

There are ever so many Diabetes websites in the net in English. This is different. This website is the English version of the Malayalam website "" with slight differences. Shortly we can have the Hindi version too for ONE INDIA. My tryst with Diabetes Practice lasted more than twenty years now that too in a rural area. I had been empowering the Diabetics all these years in a small way. This is my humble effort to expand the horizon.

With warmest regards

Worldwide 2015 415 million people with diabetes
                  2040 642 million people with diabetes

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