Indians everywhere are more prone to Diabetes. This is inscribed in the genetic materials. Best be prepared to face it diagnosed or undiagnosed. That is a great challenge for every Indian. It has gone to such an extent that Diabetes begets Diabetes has come in to vogue.

Once you have become a Diabetic you have to live with it for life. Yes, Diabetes becomes a companion for life. The companion is portrayed as a silent killer though. Unless attended to with vigil the companion is a real-life threat. The joyous fact is that we can manage the companion comfortably. On the day1 or the moment you find yourself as a Diabetic you become jittery. Why because you can`t take sweets. You cat`s eat as you please. You have to shed down your weight. Over all, you have to take medicines, that too for life. Within days or months you will settle down to the reality that you are a Diabetic. Here comes the wisdom for living with Debates. The day today management is really for long term benefit.

Should we eat sugar or sweets at all?. Our body needs no sugary foods. It needs only carbohydrates to get glucose. It`s only the taste buds that prompts you to take sweets. It`s only a conditioned reflex. So no more sugary foods. Just enough food and no excesses. Have moderate exercise that suits you. Have regular body check-up. Meticulously follow your doctor`s advice. Address the complications early enough so as to prevent more damages. Enjoy living with diabetes.

©2017 Dr. Kamalasanan

Navabharath Diabetes Care & Research

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