Any amount of information is available to diabetics today. Some are benefited from it and some others are not. Compared to other diseases a personalized service is essential in diabetes care. Self-care is equally important as it is a lifelong disease. Day to day management has to be done proficiently by the diabetic. An understanding of the broad outline of management is helpful.

  • Diet control
  • Exercise
  • Medicines
  • Reasonable knowledge on diabetes and self-care


Medical treatment is directed to control blood sugar and to control of associated health problems like high blood pressure and cholesterol. At the time of diagnosis do complete check-up. Start treatment accordingly. Repeat the test every three years. For the treatment of Diabetes there are tablets that Control blood sugar and insulin. Tablets have different mechanism of actions in the control of blood sugar. In young type II Diabetics, better take a small course of Insulin for the first few months.

Tablet show !

Commonly available tablets are Glbenclamide, Glipizide, Glimipiride, Glyclazide, that directly stimulate pancreas to release more insulin. Metformin facilitate effective insulin action. Like that there are different categories of medicines that control blood sugar.If tablets fail you may have to switch over to Insulin. There are certain tablets to be taken before food. Some are to be taken with food. There is a wrong belief that tablets used in the treatment diabetes cause kidney disease.

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