Diabetes causes damage to nerves of your body. This nerve damaging effect is called Diabetic neuropathy. It can there initially or it will develop over time. However neuropathy affects more than 50% of Diabetic patients. The prevalence increase with duration of the disease and poor blood sugar control. Neuropathy is a treatment challenge both for the doctor and the patient.

       Brain and nerves are very sensitive. Glucose is the main food for it`s energy needs. Diabetes we know is related to glucose management in the body. So naturally nerves are affected more. Neuropathy affects almost all nerves of the body. This can be simple numbness of hands or feet or loss of sensation. Diabetic foot disease is mainly because of neuropathy. You will feel pain but there will not be pain when pricked or injured. This is painless painful neuropathy. Neuropathic foot gets injured unknowingly and gets infected. May lead to gangrene and amputation. Symptoms of neuropathy depends on the nerve affected. The treatment of neuropathy is not always effective. The best way to control neuropathy is to have good blood sugar control. There are medicines fo neuropathy but the effectiveness is uncertain. Early treatment may give satisfactory results.

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