Exercise is good for all. Essential for Diabetics. It energises the body. Improves efficiency of heart and lungs. It causes to reach nutrients and oxygen to various parts of the body and rejuvenate it. You feel fresh to start your day. It gives freedom of movements to joints. It relaxes the mind. Above all it reduces blood sugar by a unique body mechanism. It reduces LDL cholesterol. It increases HDL cholesterol.Exercise improves quality of life and a lot more. Individualiseexercise based on age and present physical condition. Do not land in trouble following extreme exercise. Start slowly, increase slowly and cautiously. Exercise with advice from a doctor if you have heart problem; disc problem: or some foot injuries. Don`t exercise after heavy meal. Have a small stock of biscuits to take care of hypoglycaemia.

Different types of exercise:

  • For Diabetics walking is the best exercise. No expenses incurred. Easy to regulate. No dedicated space or time required. Just walk briskly,that is all. 5 days in a week: Minimum 45 minutes a day.
  • Take 2 biscuits before start walking
  • Have well-fitting shoes