Chance to have blindness 10 times more compared to normal population. Diabetes affects all parts of the eye. Most dreaded eye complication of diabetes is retinopathy. It is the major cause of sudden loss of vision. Retina is that part of the eye that interprets the light falling on it to real object. The blood supply to the retina is gradually altered and thereby develop chance to bleed.Bleeding in to retina causes blindness. Very good diabetes control is the sheet anchor of prevention and control of Diabetic retinopathy. In some people even at the time of diagnosis of diabetes itself retinopathy may be detected. Hence it is ideal to test the eye from the time of diagnosis and every year, Laser treatment can prevent progression retinopathy. It will not help to regain the lost vision. Along with retinopathy diabetic kidney disease may also start to appear. You have to be watchful to prevent diabetic kidney disease also..

       Cataract appear early in diabetes. Sugary has to be done in proper time. Otherwise cataract also becomes cause for permanent and total blindness. Pressure inside the eye may increase (glaucoma) and produce blindness. All these eye problems can be detected early enough to treat if periodic eye testing is done meticulously. Good sugar control, good blood pressure control, good cholesterol control; all these are important for the management of diabetes related eye disease.