Increased blood sugar level adversely affects all organs of our body. Heart attack 3 times more compared to normal population. Heart, Kidneys, Eyes, Blood vessels, Brain, Nerves and even Skin is affected by Diabetes.Commonest cause of death in Diabetes is heart attack. The heart starts pumping blood as early as 6th week of our life while you are in yourmother’s womb. Heart is made of muscle that continuously contracts and relax in a standard rate and rhythm. It needs its share of nutrients and oxygen. Blood supply to heart muscle is through coronary arteries. If there is anything going wrong in these vessels it can hurt your heart. You can have chest discomfort when you walk or climb stairs. It is called angina. Partial and small time block of coronary blood vessel can cause a milder form of heart attack called unstable angina. If the vessel is fully blocked you have what is called HEART ATTACK which, if not attended to timely and properly , can be fatal. Insult, injury and deposition of cholesterol leads to formation of plaques inside the arteries. When the plaque burststhrombus is formed. The thrombusthus formed blocks bloodflow to heart muscle.Heart stops. That is heart attack.

       Intense chest pain, heaviness of chest, sweating,vomiting, anxiety, are the common symptoms of heart attack. In diabetes heart attack can be silent without chest pain.Sudden cardiac death is a grave possibility in heart attack. Chance diagnosis of heart disease occurs when you prepare for a surgery or when testing to donate blood. Heart attack in Diabetes is double when compared to ordinary people.Long standing diabetes can weaken your heart muscle leading to heart failure. Heart failure can also happen following heart attack.